A Belated Thank You and a Quick Meme

First off, let me just say that I did not properly thank all of you who left comments on my post about Quinn the other day.
One of the amazing things about blogs is the amount of community that you can feel, even with people that you may never meet in real life.
I LOVE that!!
So, let me say Thank you. Thank you for the suggestions, the prayers, the kindness.
I appreciate it and will update as I see prayers for him answered.

Beck, a daily read of mine (and a crafting-diva!), tagged me for this little meme. I would have gotten on it sooner, but wasn’t sure if both parts were actually part of the meme (and heaven forbid I unnecessarily share mystery things about myself!)
So, here, in all of it’s glory, I present:

Five Things You Don’t Know About Me:

  1. I am left-handed. V.E.R.Y. — put something in my right hand and you’d think I was paralyzed on that side of my body. (Although, because that is the arm I carry my babies with, it is very strong (though uncoordinated)
  2. I love a clean house, but I am not very good at cleaning. However, I can make some mean piles! I just tend to move those piles around the house… My husband — now (when he actually decides to do it) he can clean! I like tidy, which he doesn’t understand. But when he cleans… the man can clean. I think he’s up there with Barb in his thoroughness.
  3. I love love love the sound the pages of my bible make when I turn them… especially if I have written notes on that page — then it is particulary enjoyable. My husband loves this too, and sometimes, when we are reading our bibles, we will have to stop the other and say “hey, listen to this…” and turn the page repeatedly. I know… we are a match made in Heaven. (we also both love black rasberry ice cream, the sound “clapping” shoes make in hallways and in movies/tv shows and the sound certain car blinkers make. I could go on about our freaky cute little quirks, but hey, I have to leave some sort of mystery to me…
  4. I read the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy in 1.5 months. I devoured it. That was when I had one child, who still took nice long naps. Now, in order to read it in that amount of time, I’d have to be reading the Cliff notes. Oh who am I kidding – give me the audio.
  5. I was the stage manager for every play and musical at my high school from 9th grade – 12th. I loved it, and, if I had thought it through better, I wouldn’t have been so quick to dismiss the idea of a career in it.

Five Mysterious Things About Quinn (my middle son):

  1. He has very light brown (almost blonde) hair. Sean and I are very dark-haired.
  2. He sucks on the crooked knuckle of his pointer finger on his right hand. Exhibit 1
  3. He wants to be a cowboy when he grows up
  4. He used to say “Dat Dee-ckles” when he was tickled. It didn’t help his cause any, because hearing him say it was so darn cute that you’d keep tickling him just to hear him say it (poor tortured child…)
  5. He loves broccoli (“trees”), buttered mushrooms, sauteed green beans and several other veggies that typically strike fear in those who lay eyes on them.

So… there you have it. Unfortunately, it was too easy for me to find odd things to write about us…

I can’t decide who to tag, because it seems like there are several going around now… SO, if you haven’t done this one and you want to do it, I tag you! Just let me know in comments that you did it so that I can read tidbits that I can use against you to get to know you more.



  1. Glass Half Full says

    Loved reading these — esp the one about your son!! :) CUTE!!

    My hubby is left-handed and proud of it. He always rattles off how many presidents were left-handed, etc. Like all right-handed people are stupid! HA!!

  2. The Flip Flop Mamma! says

    My hubby likes the smell of his bible. I like the sound of shoes on gravel, and also enjoy the sound of high-heels on tile floors! Oh, I also like the sound of crinkly notebook paper, after it has been written on…not when it’s fresh and clean. How strange are we?

  3. That’s funny about the bible page turning. When I read it I had a vision of you guys, even though I have no idea what he looks like, sitting in your rockers in your old age, turning the pages in your bibles. Fun!

  4. I am also a lefty. I love that you and your husband both have quirky little sounds you love, I think that’s a sign you were meant to be.

  5. Honestly, I just don’t know how I got this reputation, Karla. LOL

    But you’re very lucky to have a hubby who can clean. Most men really can’t. Rob can clean the heck out of his garage but I prefer to do the indoor cleaning.

    These are fun facts about you two.

  6. Piles of paper, that’s my bad habit!

  7. Really enjoyed your blog. I too love the sound of written on pages turning. Must be the writer in me. Looking forward to visiting your blog again.
    Kathie in Costa Rica

  8. I would deeckle him all to crazy! That’s so cute! I live with a couple of total lefties, too, so I know the pain of which you speak.
    Fun meme, Karla!

  9. Uh, I forgot to say that was from me, Beck. You know, from Frog & Toad? Okay.

  10. Ok, I’ve yet to be ‘memed’ so I’ll take this one as my first. :)

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