I did a Works for me Wednesday yesterday (my first one ev-vah), so I though while I was on a roll, I’d continue with a Thursday 13.

I used to do these regularly, but got away from them when we moved… waaaaay back in January.

So my T13 is 13 Video/Audio Clips that C.R.A.C.K. me UP!

1. Jim Breuer doing his AC/DC versions of “Hokey Pokey” (I apologize for the body part reference at the end…)

2. Dana Carvey – singing Choppin’ Broccoli (and what is UP with Sigourney Weaver’s hair!!)

3. We’ve all seen this one… but it still cracks me up. I can’t even listen to this song without picturing his belly hangin’ out of that velour shirt.

4. This is just so silly… I love that!

5. Another Geico ad that I can’t get enough of, and I’m not even a racing fan:

6. Yet one more… I tell you, Geico better be paying their ad people really well!

7. Bill Cosby (and Sinbad, who follows below) have nailed family life. This clip on natural childbirth has always killed me!!
this is a 2 parter; be sure to watch both

8. part 2 of above

9. Another classic Cosby; fixing breakfast for the kids

Bill Cosby Himself – Chocolate Cake

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10. Sinbad has a routine they used to show on Comedy Central all of the time. I really wanted clips from that because it is all kinds of funny. I couldn’t find any, but I found this newer one which is still funny funny stuff

11. This is a brief clip from the one I mentioned above; I can’t embed it, but the link is here.

12. An audio clip from Dana Carvey imitating Ross Perot

13. I’m at a loss for a 13th… I’m cheating and ending here —

Tell me, what are some of your favorites.


  1. I laughed out so loud at Bill Cosby’s…hahahaha! Choco cake for breakfast. Yum! My dad once ended up cooking breakfast for my brother and I when mom was sick. We got fried chicken at 6am too. (my dad’s vocabulary: cooking = frying). Which was not bad, a good change from ‘nutritious’ food mum always make. Which sometimes doesn’t taste as good as fried chicken, hehehehe!

  2. Megan (FriedOkra) says

    OH I LOVE BILL COSBY. We sing “Daaaaaaad iiiiiiiiiiiiis GREAT” around here all the time. I didn’t watch all your clips so maybe it’s in there but have you ever heard his thing about going to the dentist? HILARIOUS. “OH LOOK! A rainbow!” hee hee hee.

  3. Those were FUNNY!
    Oh, I know I have a bunch of funny youtube links SOMEPLACE. If I find them, I’ll email them to you.

  4. Denise Patrick says

    Bill Cosby is and always has been a hoot. My Dad had all his albums and now that they are available on CD, my sister and I have them. Never watch anything of his while ingesting liquid. It will come out your nose – guaranteed!

    Great TT! Thanks for the laughs.

    Happy TT!

  5. Cindy Swanson says

    Karla, these are GREAT! I’ve always liked the Choppin’ Broccoli one, and “we need more cowbell…”…that’s become a classic!

    I’m not a big SNL fan these days, but this one is really funny (I think we all know someone like the girl in this skit):


  6. Oh dear. I had to see Dana Carvey do that, and I am cracking up. Thanks for the laughs!

  7. Southern Girl says

    Oh, that was a fun list! I love the Geico commercials and Bill Cosby is always great. I swear my family can quote his entire “Himself” routine. ;)

    My TT is up, too!

  8. those are so funny.

    my TT is up on http://momworksathome.blogspot.com

  9. Those are so good ones…my all time favorite is the Evolution of Dance clip. I don’t know exactly what it is about it that makes me laugh so hard, but it’s a good one. Just go to Youtube and type in Evolution of Dance.

  10. I really enjoyed Bill Cosby’s natural childbirth ones. A $17,000 Ferrari! Those days are long gone!

  11. Mrs. Fussy Fussypants says

    More moments of momentary incontinence!

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