This is Karla’s mom. I’m just filling in for Karla since she left for the hospital at about 7:30PM. She will fill you in on all of the details later, but after realizing that she had a bloody show, she called her doctor’s answering service. She was told to go to the hospital to be checked out. She left saying that she was not coming home until the baby is born. Hopefully that will not be next week!!! I just talked to her and they were prepping her, so I guess that means that this is not just a “dress rehearsal.” She said that they are definitely keeping her.
Thanks to all of you for your concern, support and most of all, your prayers.


  1. Hi Karla, I am a “lurker” on your site…and enjoy it by the way.

    My prayers are with you and your family tonight as you begin another wonderful journey in motherhood. May the Lord truly bless your delivery.

  2. ok Karla! The moment’s here :) Can’t wait. Praying it’s all easy for you.


  3. Sista Cala says

    Thanks “Mom”.

  4. stephanie@{Olive Tree} says

    Eagerly awaiting news. :)

  5. OH! best wishes, Karla! I can’t wait to see the new baby!

  6. Megan (FriedOkra) says

    Yay! Baby time! Mom, does she have one of your fabulous bags with her to bring home all the free stuff in? Have a great birth, Karla… hugs and kisses and healthy/happy baby vibes to all of you.

  7. Barbara H. says

    Thanks, Karla’s Mom, for the update! I’m praying everything will go well.

  8. Terri @ In His Hands says

    Wheee! Praying for a safe delivery! So happy for y’all! Can’t wait to see that baby’s sweet face.


  9. Karla, I’m praying for you and this sweet new baby today!

  10. Thanks so much for the update! I’m praying for baby boy’s safe arrival into this world, and for Karla’s health as well. I can’t wait to hear the official news!!!

  11. The Flip Flop Mamma! says

    I’m so jealous!!! You’re due after me!!!! LOL. Of course I’m happy for you and can’t wait to see pictures and hear the birthstory!!! (You are required to post the story you know! haha).

  12. How exciting! We’ll be waiting for the news!

  13. i am so glad you made it to the hospital! we can’t wait to welcome the newest member of your family! lots of prayers for you!

  14. Just hopped over to see how things were going :) Hopefully you’re all just wrapped up lovin’ on the new baby!

  15. Everyday Mommy says

    Praying & praying AND doing a little happy dance, too!

  16. eeeeeee!!!!! exciting!!! can’t wait to hear……you’re on my heart!

  17. Thinking of you, Karla! Hope everything went well.

  18. The Flip Flop Mamma! says

    Ok, it’s been two days!! What’s going on? Is there a baby? We need pictures!!!

  19. Still praying, Karla :)

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