Every once in awhile, I like to post something that I come across, just because it is so beautiful.

This is definitely one of those things. I don’t even know if I could eat it. I might just want to spray it with some shellac and keep it forever.

This cake is by Sarah Magdid, a NYC baker. (and for my organic eating friends, they are made with organic ingredients)


  1. http://Beck says

    Oh! Isn’t that beautiful?
    I made kite cupcakes for The Boy’s last day of school last night. They were cute but not LOVELY.

  2. http://Ruth says

    THAT is incredible and i’m with you….it’s way too magnificent to eat….
    i’d want to mount it on my wall somewhere….

  3. http://The%20Flip%20Flop%20Mamma! says

    that cake is gorgeous!! My mom loves butterflies, so she would probably want to just preserve that cake somehow and never cut into it! LOL

  4. http://Terri%20@%20In%20His%20Hands says


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