I’ve had a hard time writing another post, because the last post just makes me giggle everytime I think of it.

But, if I don’t write something new now, I’ll have that up until she’s 18…

Really, there is nothing much to blog about today.

It is raining – which we desparately needed.

We have no appointments or activities to rush off to today – a break we definitely needed.

Our search for a place to move to continues on.

We ordered a bunk bed for the boys… I am really not looking forward to my crazy 20 month old being out of his crib. I may make him sleep in that for good and have the baby sleep in the bottom bunk (just kidding – no comments on baby sleeping safety! ;0)

And my Frugality blog is lagging… I need to get a move on that. * If you have any favorite blogs with living frugally tips, please let me know in comments.

See – I told you – nothing… but, knowing our home, that won’t last for long…


  1. http://Beck says

    Sometimes nothing is nice, though. A restful pause in a busy life!
    Good luck finding a place!

  2. http://Vania says

    I know where you are at with the 20mth old in the bed thing. Hannah is 20mths too and the bunks are in the garage waiting to go in the girls bedroom so the cot can go into the babies room (so I feel at least a little more prepared!). The longer she can stay contained the better? 11wks to go and my bump just gets bigger! (as I’m sure yours is too!).

    ps like the retro banner…

  3. http://Dionna says

    I’ve missed ya, Karla!

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