30-Days of Prayer

Ramadan started last week on the 13th and continues for 30 days until the 12th of October. I had every intention of putting this post up on the 12th so that ya’ll could follow along with the prayer lists and begin praying.

There are 2 sites you can look over. They have similar information but one is fancier. Both sites are fascinating and are part of 30-Days International. Here is the basic site, and here is the interactive flash site. I recommend the flash site – the pictures are beautiful and you can “listen in”.

Please make other people aware of this initiative. Many doors have been opened for Christians to share the love of Christ to Muslims.

Consider becoming a part of this world-wide prayer meeting.


  1. http://stacey says

    thanks for sharing this! i will look at the list later this week, since i bet we can use the prayer list anytime!

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