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I keep waiting for the day when my ease for words and writing returns to me.

Waiting…countless days, which turn into weeks. Adding up to months. And years…

They used to flow effortlessly, easily. Type, spell check, publish.

My writing reflected the funny I found in everyday life. Or the profound, seen in unlikely places.

Yet so much has happened since those days of effortless writing. So much that I’m not allowed to discuss. At least not yet.

When I do, I have to write in veiled terms or hidden meanings.

Some of the reasons are legal and have to do with my divorce.

Other reasons only pertained to my reputation.

Whatever that means.

I’m learning to care less about that. Most of those who I thought I wanted to let in, were angered the few times that I did share my story. Regardless of how they would have reacted in the same situation, it wasn’t what they wanted to hear.

It’s difficult. I want to be able to use my words again. To use my voice.

But my voice has changed. I don’t know if anyone will recognize it. Or if they want to.

And so I wait.

And type out more words. Hopeful that, eventually, my voice will be understood.


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No Words

Sunday afternoon, in the middle of working. Out of nowhere, a pounding on the door. Not an “Open-the-door-I-need-help!!” sort of pounding.

No. This is a pissed off pounding.

The door is opened and there she stands. Her voice seems calm.

But her eyes deceive her, and she is angry. She wants answers, but the answers don’t matter. Her words might have been the right words, but she feels wronged and is vomiting her attitude. She smirks without hearing, saying we are dishonest and ridiculous.

Over what?

A yard. Our yard.

It’s been torn up and no one is allowed to play in it for another month. Not our kids. Not hers.

But she’s not buying it.

She stomps back (through our yard), and her words are left hanging in the air.

Stinging, stagnant and ugly.


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This Week on LTLF and Archer Creative

I’ve been working on my editorial calendar for both of our other blogs, so watch out! I’m gonna be on a blogging roll ;)

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On Archer Creative: Struggling with what to write about on your blog? This month I’m writing a series on blogging and how to find ideas for blog posts. This week: If you’ve been blogging for any amount of time, the answer is sitting in front of you. Recycle your old posts for new content.