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Let the Internet Help Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Ok – so the internet won’t bake your pumpkin pie or fix your over-dry turkey, but there are plenty of resources out there that can help you do it yourself and make it through the day without downing the entire bottle of rum you purchased for your dessert cake.

Some of my favorites are:


This site has lots of recipes, including several by Paula Deen. Most are twists on old classics. Be sure to also check out the articles – many are non-food related.

What’s Cooking America

Don’t judge this site by it’s ‘cover’ – it’s not the prettiest site, but it has a lot of really useful information. Answers some of the most common questions: How to roast a turkey, but also how to smoke and BBQ/grill a turkey and defines Turkey Terminology. Looking for variations on common T’day dishes? They’ve got ‘em.

The very first page has links for Stuffing 101Turkey 101Gravy 101Rolls 101 etc. If that isn’t enough information for you, check out this page for articles on The Top 10 Thanksgiving Problems – Solved! (including what to do about dry turkey!!!) and the always useful list of Holiday Helplines.


I love that their products help make clean-up easier. You’ll find lots of tips on their site including ways to avoid over-browning, cooking with limited oven space and how to cook two turkeys at once.

Ocean Spray

I think this may be my favorite site of all, for Thanksgiving usefulness. I can’t even begin to list all of the information this site has packed into it. Some of the highlights: help for the Top Thanksgiving Terrors, a holiday planning book you can prepare and print out (based on the recipes you want to prepare), crafts (using cranberries, of course), and family fun (including a kids table menu).

Remember: many companies are on Twitter as well, and most will be available on Thanksgiving to help with any cooking issues that arise.
Some  companies on Twitter
Kraft Foods
Land o Lakes
Ocean Spray

What resources will you be using this Thanksgiving? Share them with us:


Fear and Loathing at the Dentist

Last week I took Abbie to the dentist for a screening for her jaw. We are hoping she is selected to take part in a program at UAB that will help find ways to correct it and (hopefully) avoid surgery. Sitting and listening to them, they were throwing words around that had too many syllables and letters to count. There were only a couple of words I understood and none of them included “this will correct itself”…

It was just a screening, but we still didn’t know what to expect.

Abbie was nervous.

And tense.

She has the nicest doctor, who tried to put her at ease.

And finally got a smile out of her.

She has a long road ahead of her. No matter what or how, she will always be my beautiful girl.

Family Time

I wrote about Hashtags, White Boards and Family over at Living The Life Fantastic today. Head over and tell me how you stay in touch with your family each day.

Challenging my creativity: Art Every Day Month

I’m joining in on the fun that is “Art Every Day Month” because I’ve been wanting someone to hold the fire to my feet and encourage the creative juices to be flowing again. I’ve been so busy surviving and keeping my head above water that creativity was beginning to feel more and more like a luxury that I couldn’t afford and no longer something that my soul required of me each and every day.

Creativity is like prayer time. It’s my time to be quiet and clear my head. A part of me always feels incomplete and missing when I’m not creating or spending time in prayer.

So here I go!

Let me know if you join in.