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See that widget over there in the right sidebar? I’m tracking my miles as I prepare for the Country Music Marathon. It’s from a great site, Check out Become a Runner or Train for a Race Online for some great applications to get you started. (I’ve also included a list of my current running tunes)

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Are your kids on Facebook? There is a great guest post by Sarah (RealLifeSarah) on the Do’s and Don’ts of Connecting with Your Kids on Facebook.

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Become a Runner or Train for a Race Online


Running is hard. But it can also be a great way to de-stress and get fit.

Maybe you’ve never been a runner, but would like to try it out. Maybe you are a seasoned runner, who just needs some encouragement to work through those winter doldrums. Wherever you fall in that spectrum, I’ve found some applications on line that will help you get moving. I’ve also included a list of songs on my Zune that help me keep my pace and my motivation going during a run.

*before you start a running program, look for articles on how to dress appropriately and how to get started. If you do it incorrectly, you’ll hate it. This site has been a huge encouragement for me as I train for half and full marathons. You can friend other runners, send encouragement to runners who are struggling, record your workouts and distances, look for races… that it just for starters. I’ve placed a widget on my personal blog as a reminder. I know it’s out there for everyone to see. And you can set your updates to automatically post to Twitter.

RunKeeper: have an iPhone? this application can be downloaded right onto your phone to keep track of your run. A free version is available. Paid version doesn’t show ads. Sadly, I have no iPhone, so I haven’t been able to try it out for myself.

FavoriteRun: map your runs right on the page and print them out. Then track your mileage, pace and times. You can save routes for others to try.

Runner’s Diary: I am motivated best when I know that others are able to see when I’m slacking. But if you want to keep your training more private, try Runner’s Diary. It creates various tables for you to track yourself: ie – avg. heart rate, calories burned, mileage. There is even a chart that will track the mileage on your shoes, so you know when to retire the ones you have and purchase new ones.

What I currently listen to during a run: (an eclectic mix of secular and Christian songs; I will update with links shortly)

Barenaked Ladies:
One Week

The Distance
Short Skirt/Long Jacket

David Crowder Band:
Can You Feel It?
We Won’t Be Quiet

The English Beat:
Mirror in the Bathroom


Gnarls Barkley:
Gone Daddy Gone

Kings of Leon:
Sex on Fire

Lucious Jackson:
Naked Eye

Spirit Thing

Sara Groves:

Getaway Car


Do you have a site that you have used that helps keep you motivated with your runs? Share them in the comments. And feel free to share your favorite running song.

What a Bright Idea – a brass lamp makeover

Most of my married life, I’ve had attic decor – Sean and I both brought some things in to our marriage home. And for the most part, we’ve had what we needed. Other than that, we’ve either purchased a needed item (like a couch), made it (like a side table and entertainment center [I’m lucky to be married to a crafty man]) or reworked something that we already had or that we were given.

One such item was these lamps.

I remember when my mom bought them, my dad encouraged her to buy some for the entire house, since she like them so much. So glad she didn’t listen to that logic.

Otherwise I would have spent all day fixing these suckers up.

Don’t get me wrong – it was an super easy process. Sandpaper, Textured Spray paint (the kind for metal) and newspaper were all it took.

But one can only have so many attractive lamps around their home before running out of room. Or something like that.

So sanding and wiping down two lamps was entirely manageable.

I swear, I’m not giving anyone the finger. Apparently, I have some inner British to channel.

Or maybe I just have sandpaper dust issues that make me avoid touching it too much.


Once I sanded (very lightly sanded… nothing major; just to hold the paint better) and wiped, I got to spray. It took me two cans to do these lamps, though I would have preferred a third to touch up some of the thinner spots.

But even with the thin spots, they are a vast improvement over the polished brass from before.

But I’m screwed if polish brass comes back in style.

Finish it off with a lover-ly tassel from The Nester, and it’s a beauty to behold.



Warning #9 on my new hair straightener:

Never use while sleeping.