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When I was pregnant with Abbie, my firstborn, I didn’t have much morning sickness or any odd cravings. I did, however, go through a period where I only wanted M&M McFlurries. Frankly, I consider it a miracle that I didn’t birth an M&M rather than a human baby.

So when I discovered I was pregnant with my second child, I anticipated the same sort of pregnancy.

But I was wrong. My second pregnancy started out status quo, but by the end of the first month, I was so sick and tired, and tired and sick, and sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Sadly, an extended family vacation took place during this time, and I spent most of it laying down begging people to watch after my daughter so that I could continue my routine of feeling miserable.

In addition to the family vacation, there was a wedding that I had to attend and my gift was a quilt, that I had planned on finishing up on the trip. But I was so sick, that I struggled to finish it in time, and I just barely managed to.

Also, during this period of my pregnancy, no food appealed to me. I couldn’t fathom eating anything. And it was a constant feeling. Nothing made it subside. Until one day, when out of the blue, I began craving sour candy. From that moment, all I wanted was sour candy. sourcandysourcandysourcandy. Sour gummi worms, sourheads, sour blow pops, sourpatch kids. If it was sour and rolled in sugar, I wanted it.

So I spent that miserable time quilting, reading some new books I had purchased, and stuffing my face with sour candy. And so it continued.

One day, a month or so later, the nausea finally stopped.

::cue the angel music::

And so did my craving for sour candy. And the desire to quilt. And those new books? I couldn’t look at them.

I associated all of those things with my nausea. Sour candy? barf. Even the thought of quilting? barf. Those books? As long as I peeled off the bright orange price sticker, I was fine with them, so I spent an hour scraping off those things, trying not to… barf. Even a little spot of the sticker adhesive, if left behind on the book, could start the nausea.

It took me 3 years until I could even consider eating something sour or quilting again.

THREE years.

The mind is a crazy weird thing.

What odd things repelled you and/or did you crave during your pregnancies??

I’m curious:

When you aren’t having to listen to kids music (though there is plenty of cool stuff out there now), what music are you currently finding yourself listening to over and over?

For me: Gnarls Barkley and (still addicted to) Feist.
And anything Third Day

What The?! – week 34

whatthe_thumb1 Want a chance to win a blog button for promoting your blog?

Guess what the following closeup is a picture of.

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This weeks photo:

closeup week 34

Leave your guess in the comments.

Good luck!


Answer to Last week’s photo:


Congrats to: Sarah @ Genesis Moments for correctly guessing a die/dice. Pray for her this week: she is camping. And it is hot. And she’s camping. ‘Nuff said.

As always ~ Thanks for playing along! Y’all are the best! You’re my favorite internets ~mwah~

The internet is the biggest little small town

Last night I was insane with my Twitterings… Everyone had gone on to bed and I still had some work to do. Rather than talk to myself, I Twittered.

No, this isn’t another shameless post begging for you to follow me.

In fact, I don’t want you to follow me unless you really want to.

And I’ll tell you why:

I’ve seen a lot of people discussing Twitter recently. And without a doubt, the common thread in these posts has been the sense of community that has begun to develop. In fact, there are people who I have gotten to know through my blog and/or their blog. But not until I began Twittering have really begun to feel a depth to those relationships. Additionally, there are people who I have gotten to know strictly from Twitter.

It’s been sort of like watching something in 2-D and then putting on the 3-D glasses and getting the full perspective on it.

On my blog, as transparent as I think I tend to be, there are still things that don’t get conveyed. Not because I don’t want to, but because they tend to come in little snippets that don’t qualify as a real blog post. My brain tends to work in random bits of information anyway. Like a little strobe light flashing all day long.

Also, on my blog, I tend to speak in a certain voice. It’s my blog voice. And it is the real me. But again – it’s not the complete picture. I also have a dumb, flighty side. A confused, “duh” side. And an irritable, “arrgh” side.

Shocked? (I hope not!)

I hope I don’t ever give the illusion of having it all together. Because I don’t.

But blogging gives me a place to sort through it all. And to see that we all go through the same sorts of things.

I’m kooky, silly, dimwitted, rambling and talkative.

And Twittering gives me a place to prove it.

If you can’t join ’em, beat ’em

Some days, no matter how sassy I’m feeling, no matter how perfectly coifed I am, no matter how carefully accessorized I am, I come across a photoshopped photo of a celebrity that just sends me reeling back into feeling frumpy.

Do you have days like that?

Wanna know a secret?

You’ll never guess.

Most celebs really don’t look like that.

shhhhh. It’s a secret that we aren’t supposed to know.

But I figured it out and I’m here to share it with you.

Wanna feel less frumpy? Take a look at the following photos, and shoo the fumpys away.

{for added fun, guess the celebrities in the comments}

aguileraq celine gwen jolie sandra

photo source:


photo source: theLondonPaper

Should you like to try some of the silliness yourself, try where you can warp away on some celeb faces.