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We won’t be quitting our day jobs

Our family of 6 (that still makes me gasp) has been trying to come up with fun things that we can do together. Something that the youngest can enjoy as much as the adults.

It isn’t always easy. Candyland got old a looooong time ago. The older kids have gotten to where they can play Uno with us, but that’s not something Seamus can play.

Yesterday, Sean was out and about and picked up a game for our Playstation:


Have mercy. We are addicted.

And I have NEVER laughed so hard in all of my life. You know the kind of laugh when your entire face hurts, including your teeth and ears?

The premise of the game is like karaoke. You use special microphones and then you can duel each other (or play alone. Not that I played it alone, singing 99 Red Balloons while Sean was out talking on the phone) to score points based on note accuracy, lyrical accuracy and something else that I can’t think of off the top of my head. There is also a party/team mode.

The kids don’t know the songs, but they will soon enough.

We let them stay up late while we all played. Much to my daughter’s horror, Sean and I stayed up playing it well past a reasonable hour.

And several times our daughter came in and asked us to turn it down.

When I went back in to give her another kiss, we had the following conversation:

Abbie: Are y’all really going to stay up through the night playing that game?

Me: Well, yeah! (laughing)

Abbie: That means you’ll be too tired in the morning to get up and take care of us.

It’s like she knew me in college or something! Actually, I asked her how that would be different from any other morning.

And when we could sing no longer, we heard “Finally” uttered from her bedroom.

But back to the game: Sean and I challenged each other on every song.

me as cyndi

(Cyndi Lauper)

And Tina Turner KICKED MY TONE DEAF HINEY. Best of all, there is a playback option. I wore it out replaying us mutilating singing “Simply The Best“. It was NOT simply the best. It was simply horrid.

us tears for fears

(Tears for Fears)

And we laughed. The side-splitting, crying, teeth-and-ears-screaming-for-mercy kind of laugh.

And it felt fabulous. Like I haven’t felt in awhile.

us as starship

(Grace Slick/Starship)

Who says video games can’t bring a family together. (And make me feel like a rebel mom)

us as wham


Her daughter Doesn’tSpeak

Before I left for SheSpeaks last week (can’t stop talking about it), Abbie was concerned about me leaving.

This is extraordinary for her, because usually, she just acts like she doesn’t even know me when I am trying to tell her goodbye. This time, however, she was laying on some thick gloppy pity – "I hardly knew you" (*snort*), "We are gonna be orphans" and my personal favorite: "I wish I could get up a 4:30 to go with you".

Come on! Really – is there anything worth wishing you could get up at 4:30 for?

When I first arrived at The Nester’s house, we got so busy gab gab gabbing that I totally forgot to call home. For all my family knew, I’d gotten stuck in a toilet stall in Memphis, so I called quickly, right as we were getting ready to sit down for dinner and told Sean I would call back to talk with the kids.

When I called back, I blathered on and on while I thought I was waiting for Abbie to get on the phone.

Finally, Sean said, "Abbie doesn’t want to talk to you."

::awkard pause, while I waited for him to laugh::

"Seriously. She doesn’t want to talk to you."

"Are you serious?!?"

"Yep. She is afraid she will miss you too much and will get upset again."

She did not talk to me until I called to say I was heading to the airport.

At least she didn’t pee on my clothes, like my cat did when I went away on a 2 week trip in college.

In the company of cheerful ladies

One of the things that I signed up for during the SheSpeaks conference was the speaker evaluation.

Prior to attending, we had received information advising us that we were going to be giving 2 talks: the first – a three minute my story talk. The second – a five minute teaching talk on a scripture.

On Friday night we gathered into the room where our first evaluation would take place. I was fidgety but quickly hooked myself onto Dara, a woman with an amazing warm smile. She became my cheerleader.

I had prepared my speeches and gone over them. But on Friday afternoon, I began feeling the urge to tweak mine. Obviously, this did nothing to help me prepare. So even though I was telling something dear to me, I had not practiced my delivery of it.

pffft… don’t try that. It doesn’t work. {Word of advice: don’t change your speech at the last minute.}

However, I had such a gracious, amazing evaluation group, that I probably could have stood up there and just said "ummmm" over and over and they would have found 10 encouraging things to say about it all.

 speaker evaluation group SheSpeaks

I joked with all of these women that they lied when they said they were beginners, because seriously: top-notch. All of them. Two people in the group had been on Oprah and one had had a Lifetime movie made about her story. Another had been a runaway. One had been delivered from a lifestyle filled with drugs. Yet another has already started a successful ministry, working with women. Each and every woman in this group had witnessed, first hand, the Lord’s restoration and healing.

I was truly ministered to and touched by these women. Study the faces in that photo. I’m sure you will see each of them doing big things. (including ‘lil ol me)

That churning and sputtering noise you hear? That would be my brain

The past several weeks have been busy. Crazy busy. And I am trying to catch up without losing my sanity!

With Alli moving (which means that all of the Blissfully Domestic stuff/details fall to me), SheSpeaks, designing and mothering, I am having to really focus on prioritizing.


Yeah, not a strong suit.

Hence me typing this out, rather than doing things around the house.

That’s my girl

Right now I am listening to my daughter play in her bedroom with her brother and a friend. They’ve been playing “grownup” all morning (in between coloring and drawing; I suppose we all need to take breaks from being grownups once in a awhile).

But as I was straightening the kitchen I heard the following conversation:

Abbie: Where is my [toy] computer? I can’t find my [toy] computer!

(:::shudders::: the horror!!!)

Quinn: What do you need it for?

(silly silly boy; must you even ask such a thing?)

Abbie: I must check my blog! I’ve got some important things to write down for my blog!

(be still my heart; I AM teaching her well, after all)

Computer was found – potential life-scarring event averted and she began tapping out some sort of story of recent events.