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Praying for your Children

Several years ago I started praying for my children like never before. But I knew there were specific areas that I was forgetting to cover them in. It is such an honor and privilege to parent my children. I want to glorify the Lord in this role He has placed me in.

I had been reading Becky Tirabassi’s book Let Prayer Change Your Life and had done an intensive study on prayer, using the book to go along with it. Her book totally transformed my prayer life. I began journaling my prayers and my prayers became 1-2 hours long as I prayed over so many people and places and situations the Lord brought to my mind.

At that time, I looked online for resources for praying for specific areas of my children’s lives. I printed these out and placed them in a page protector and placed them in the front of my prayer journal (which is just a 3-ring binder filled with notebook paper). This way, each time I start my prayer time I look at my prayer list and pray for that specific area for each child, that day (along with all of the other things I pray for each of them.)

Below are links to the resources I printed out so that you can use them in your prayer time.

40 Ways to Pray for your children.
Praying For Keeps
A Parent’s Prayer Calendar
The Parent’s Prayer
Power-Packed Prayers

I would love to hear your ideas for praying for your children.

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I hear Billy Joel playing in the background

First off, y’all are so sweet. I feel so silly when I get to thinking about stuff like stats and subscriptions. But y’all are sweet and true enough to remind me to just be me. ~thanks

(Now I’ve got that Billy Joel song swirling around in my head. “Don’t go changin’ to try to please me… I love you just the way you are!”

Okay, gag, I can’t carry a tune in writing either.)

Moving forward.

My home (except for Declan and me) has turned into another coughing, snotty nose fest. Seamus had it first, then Sean, then Abbie and briefly, Quinn.

We made it through the entire summer without crazy illnesses. But now we are back to the germ-fests…

I have mentioned Abigael’s coughing fits before. I’m still convinced it has to do something with the whooping cough she had 3 years ago. She is dealing with one tonight. They get so bad, that even though she has no other symptoms, she has to miss school. Nothing will stop them. Sean prayed over her back in May, and literally, she had no coughing spells from May until this weekend. For her, that was huge!

So I am awake, and listening to my sweet girl coughing, unable to sleep. It is such a hard thing for a mother to not be able to take suffering (slight as it may be) away from her child.

This illness also coincided with the opening of deer hunting season in Tennessee. Sean was determined to be out there in the field. So, imagine his dismay when he came down with a cold. He is not one to take medicine. But this weekend he took more meds than I have witnessed him take combined during the entire 10 years of our marriage.

And so our hunter made it out to the woods all weekend and even tonight. We are looking forward to some backstraps and “deer steaks”. He has been seeing some nice deer, but has been unable to get a good shot. Seeing the deer is a great improvement over last year. He was spoiled by his Wisconsin hunting. Up there, the deer practically jump out at you. For Sean, hunting in Tennessee has been like learning to hunt all over again.


I was catching up on some blog reading tonight and Meredith at Like Merchant Ships has done it again. I love her tips for frugal living. Her home is so lovely and she has the most interesting tips for living beautifully with out paying beautifully.

My mom is wanting to do something with her kitchen cabinets. And when I saw Meredith’s tip, I knew I had to pass it on to my mom. But then I thought maybe some of you are wanting to brighten your cabinets. If so, go check out this post at Meredith’s. If you decide to do it, be sure to post before and after photos!

*updated to add: 5 Minutes for Mom has 2 great giveaways going on now.
They are giving away a PINK Dyson! and a WD Passport Portable Hard Drive.
If you win either, remember how much you all claimed to love me!! ;0)

The question of the century

*updated to add that I know that I am a big whiner! I don’t typically follow the stats on my blog… but another blogger and I were discussing recent changes in subscriptions to our blogs. When people unsubscribe it makes you wonder why… So, since I am aware that I am no longer in high school, I am dropping the subject*

I don’t think I am a boring person; although, I probably tend to come across as a bit shy and awkward at first meeting, in person. This lead people in high school, and probably even still today, to consider me as snobby.

When we lived in Wisconsin, there were several people who thought I was uppity, just because I was from The East. Once they knew me, they all commented on how wrong they were.

So, I have found myself wondering why my blog numbers are so wacky. They are really inconsistent; some days I am surprised by how many people drop by. Others times I wonder if I’ve done something to offend the masses. I shower, wear deodorant and brush my teeth every day… so it can’t be a lack of hygiene.

I try to keep it interesting. Sometimes it gets heavy, but usually, things stay pretty light around here.

Therefore, I have some questions for you:

What types of posts interest you?
What brings you coming back to my blog?
What things do you think would improve my blog?
Is there something my blog should focus on? Stay away from?

If you have a moment, please answer these questions in comments.

I know I shouldn’t obsess over these things. Truly, I don’t. But it is all such a mystery to me and I’d like to get to the bottom of it.

As a side note, I found a new blog tool called Blog Rush. You can see their widget in my side bar, towards the bottom. It shows some posts on similar types blogs, and refers others to your blog (your posts get featured in that cool widget too!) I’m interested to see how it works. If you’d like to give it a try, go here.

Just some random Friday randomness

Did anyone watch the premiere of Survivor? I missed it, but I am wondering if it looks like a promising season?

One of the contestants, Leslie, went to the same college as me. It is a small college (actually, it is a university now)… so maybe we have a six-degrees of separation?


I was only half paying attention to that silly man who is suing God. But I just read this and am giggling out loud. God responded!


Taking a cue from a few other blogs I read, I have created a “May I Recommend?” page. See it over there under my photo in my profile? Click on that to see some of my favorite things. I will be updating it daily with links to various things that I enjoy – clothing, books, music, web sites, kids things etc.

Like y’all care… right??!!? Humor me anyway, and go read it.


I have been very neglectful of this in all regards – mentioning it and writing for it… but I am writing for a devotional blog called Inner Fulfillment. It is a daily devotional blog and it has so many wonderful contributors. Dionna asked me last year to write some for the blog, Fortunately, she was patient and gracious enough to wait for things to settle down (ha ha hee ho!!) in my life.

I’ve finally come to the conclusion that things are as settled as they are going to be. So I have no more excuses for not doing my writings.


On a serious note, I mentioned a prayer request yesterday, that got buried under another post.

Please visit this precious family when you have a moment. Let them know that you are praying for them. You will also be inspired by their faith and trust in the Lord.

Their baby was born tuesday with trisomy-18 (or Edward’s syndrome). This is a fatal syndrome with a barely 5% chance of surviving to the age of 1.

Some of my favorite Christian fiction novels

Awhile back, my friend Beck, at Frog and Toad are Still Friends, lamented the lack of good Christian fiction. I took issue with her comment and promised her a list of excellent Christian authors and books I have read. It took me a little bit of forever to write up interesting descriptions for them all… I’m just not good at that sort of thing. Obviously, my personal list of descriptive words is rather limited.

Since it took so much time to write it up, I decided to share my list with all of you.

Aren’t you lucky!

I’m not into all of the mushy, sappy icky type reading. I like things that are either suspenseful (including supernatural) or very real and relate-able. I also like books that are just fun reads.

So here are some of the Christian authors and their books that I have read and love! Please, oh, please, keep in mind that I am not very good with descriptions. So, if my description sounds painfully pathetic to you, don’t discard it! I’ve also linked to the book info and the author’s websites. Several of the sites allow you to read excerpts and or chapters.

Ted Dekker
His books are intensely spiritual and supernatural. There is always a mystery; some times there is gore. But it all has deep Godly undertones. He has a series called the Martyr’s Song (see here) that blew me away. I loved all of his books (here is the listing at and can’t recommend them enough. He has an intense love for the Lord. Several of his books either already have been made into movies or are in the works.

Frank Peretti
His style is a lot like Ted Dekker’s. In fact, they collaborated on a book together. Supernatural, spiritual warfare. Awesome books.

Angela Hunt
I think that her books are pretty relate-able. They sometimes have some sort of romantic-interest thing going on, but it’s never anything goofy or annoying or even a significant part of her books.
I loved The Debt, The Awakening, The Pearl, The Canopy, The Note and Unspoken. I have gotten behind in her books – she has so many come out in the past year. One of the things I like is that they tend to deal with ethical topics that we are faced with in our society.

She also wrote a series that I LOVED, called The Island of Heavenly Daze. The characters reminded me a lot of the characters in Steel Magnolias. But since it is set in a New England type setting, without the southern accents. It is a 5 book series and it was sweet and funny.

Charles Martin
His books blow me away. Being from the Southern US may have something to do with it… his books are set in the south. But they are very well-written and also intense and emotional. The characters stay with you – very haunting books. I’ve also gotten behind on his books and have only read The Dead Don’t DanceMaggie and Wrapped in Rain. All of his book links on his site have a link where you can read the first chapter of the books.

Kathryn Mackel
I’ve only read 2 of her books, but they dealt with some great topics. I read The Surrogate and The Departed.

Colleen Coble
I’ve only read the Rock Harbor series. It is set in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan and they are suspenseful and the characters are very real. Her website seems to tout the romance side of the stories. Maybe some are… but the series I read wasn’t a hugely romantic storyline.

Rene Gutteridge
I’ve only read the “Boo” (Boo, Boo Who, and Boo Hiss) series. But it is a hoot. She writes different styles of stories too. I just haven’t read them yet.

Robert Whitlow
His books are mainly law books, in the style of John Grishom. I found them fascinating and have loved all of his books.

Some random books that I’ve read and enjoyed:

At the Scent of Water
by Linda Nichols

Ghosts – The story of a reunion
by Adrian Plass

Again, I will remind you that I stink at giving descriptions of things. It was a pure struggle to write anything beyond “I liked this here book… It was good… read it…”

Let me know if you ever get around to reading any of these books and what you think of them.