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A welcome surprise!

We are home and we are all doing well.
THANK YOU all for all of your prayers and well wishes!
The kids ADORE their new brother, especially Seamus… so many cute stories about his interaction with his new baby brother.

Some details:

(trust me – this will be the brief version — I will give the full story in a later post when I have more time)

~ His name is Declan Yeshua ___________ . Declan means “man of prayer” and Yeshua is the Hebrew form of Joshua/Jesus and means “the Lord saves”. The Lord has truly been with us and blessed us and carried us through the past couple of years (and, really, all of the years of our lives) that we thought it fitting for his name to signify that our children are really His.

~ The only reason I went to the hospital when I did was because I had some bloody show; I wasn’t having regular contractions (though they would appear regular a couple of times through the night). But it was good that I did because the contractions kicked in quickly and his heart rate kept dropping down to 60 BPM with every contraction; he was having some major “decels”. If I hadn’t already been at the hospital when that was happening it could have quickly become a dangerous situation. They gave me medicine to stop the contractions and the (AWESOME!) nurse worked to manually get rid of the little bit of my cervix that was left, got the doctor in the room, pushed once, he came out with the cord wrapped 2xs (!) around his neck. One more push and a vacuum suction and he was out. I still wasn’t completely dilated, but they had to get him out.

~ He weighs a tiny 5 lbs and 11 oz. And is 19″ long. By the time we left the hospital, he was 5 lbs and 5 oz. His diaper is the size of my palm. But his size is a blessing, because if he had been larger, the cord would have wrapped even more tightly around his neck.

Really, the Lord’s timing is so amazing. He was just under 3 weeks early, but I had prayed for a clear sign that it was time to go to the hospital. He gave that sign to me and my baby was safe from a potentially dangerous situation. Praise God!

(his one-eye-peek)

I really left you all hanging in midair. I’ve been so busy “grandmothering” that I forgot to post a follow-up for Karla. All is well. The baby was born Tues. at about 1 PM. Will let Karla fill you in on all the details with loads of pictures, but I will say that he is absolutely beautiful.
Thanks again for your prayers and concerns.
Karla’s mom

This is Karla’s mom. I’m just filling in for Karla since she left for the hospital at about 7:30PM. She will fill you in on all of the details later, but after realizing that she had a bloody show, she called her doctor’s answering service. She was told to go to the hospital to be checked out. She left saying that she was not coming home until the baby is born. Hopefully that will not be next week!!! I just talked to her and they were prepping her, so I guess that means that this is not just a “dress rehearsal.” She said that they are definitely keeping her.
Thanks to all of you for your concern, support and most of all, your prayers.

I’m still standing

yeah yeah yeah…

But the baby has moved down.

My mom is here! Hooray!!

She arrived Thursday afternoon. It was like the Heavens opened and shone down; I was able to relax and know that from this point, I don’t have to worry about getting someone to stay with the kids.

And look what she brought:

Top of bag:

Blurry image of the liner:

She makes these bags and sells them and these are the first ones I’ve received! I love them! It was so hard to decide which ones to pick – she came with about 15 bags, all different gorgeous color/pattern combos.

Guess what? She brought her machine and is going to make me a diaper bag! CUSTOM baby!!

That picture of the liner doesn’t do it justice. She designed the liners and there are pockets all around it to hold pens, cell phone, mommy cards ;0) etc. They just velcro in and when you want to change purses, you remove the liner and insert into the other bag.

I love them!

While she is here, I plan on working on a web site for her, so if you are interested in a bag keep an eye out for more info. Or email me for more info.

Old MacDonald Had a Car Lot

I went into the boy’s room this morning, after they’d been playing with their cars. Seamus decided to improvise with the Little People farm. (click on it for a larger view and you’ll see that those are cars in all of the stalls…)