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The best sick bed in the world

Friday was Sean’s last day at the hospital he’s been at since we moved to Tennessee. Before he starts at the new hospital, he took this week off to enjoy and relax with his family.

So, with the Bass Pro Shop gift card his former co-workers gave him as a departing gift, he purchased some camping gear for us. This is something we have wanted to do since before having kids – we both have fond memories of camping as children, and enjoy the outdoors.

Sean’s been out roughing it when he hunts (and I do mean roughing it), but it’s been since my infamous camping trip in college, up Pike’s Peak, since I’ve been camping (though I camped with regularity even then – and I certainly don’t mean digestive regularity; camping seems to induce anything but that…).

We were both aware that camping with children would be a different experience. But we have been willing to take the risk.

Some of you know that I have been suffering from an ear infection and severe head cold since last week. And since nothing feels better on a stuffy, yet somehow, runny nose, cough and ear infection than hot, sticky, humid weather, we went camping.

We had already decided that we would take it easy the first time, more of a quick trial run, to make sure everyone actually enjoyed sleeping in a tent and being out in the woods. Our plan was to get there a little later, set up the tent, eat dinner and hang out, before going to sleep.

Really, it was a very enjoyable trip. The kids loved it. Though, I think I have the only children on earth who don’t like roasted marshmallows or s’mores… *sigh* More for me…

The only problems were: an incorrect sized cot – too small. It was like it was made for a torture chamber – every way I turned there was a metal bar. Then there was the fact that I was short a blanket. Sean let me use his. He was fine until about 3:00 am – from that point on, he just shivered. I knew he had to be cold, because even with the blanket I was chilly.

The next morning (which Abigael got started at an unthinkably early time…) we got a fire going, ate breakfast, showered (always fun with a baby and dancing daughter), and broke camp.

We got home, tired but ready to go again.

Which is where we are headed this afternoon. We’ve exchanged the cot for the proper size, and bought Sean and I some cheapy sleeping bags at Wal*mart (the kids already had some). Bikes are set to head down to the truck, along with kickballs, coloring books and any other number of assorted children’s goodies.

I still have the ear infection, still have a cough. But really, I’d be suffering with it at home too. So I might as well be out in God’s beautiful creation, soaking it in and enjoying the laughs and shouts of glee from my children and husband.

Haven’t you always heard, laughter IS the best medicine.

The end of an era

Today is Abigael’s last day of kindergarten…

I’ve been dreading this day for the past week, and as she’s brought items home each afternoon – backpack stuffed with notebooks full of drawings, her nap mat, her photo taken the first day to hang on the wall for the year – I have felt this strong strong ache…

My girl is growing up.

This feels as hard as her first birthday and her first day of kindergarten. It’s a strong heavy reminder that time doesn’t stop. It marches on and on and on. And each moment that passes is gone.

My girl is growing up.

I brought her into my arms yesterday, after school, and told her I just couldn’t believe the year was over. It started out a bit rough for her. She had never been away from me daily. She was faced with mean kids and routines. She had several mornings where she cried because she didn’t want to go to school.

But she persevered. Held her head high and made friends and stayed true to herself and her heart.

My girl is growing up.

She has gotten through her year and won hearts along the way. She has been honored, but I think the real honor is mine – this gift the Lord gave me – I have the honor of watching her grow into a lovely young lady.

My girl is growing up.

And I am so very proud of her.

(If you get a moment, please read the posts that are linked here. I love reading about her growth through the past 9 months and I’d love to share these tidbits with you)


CityFest – Recap

I wanted to post on this yesterday – but it’s amazing how destroyed a home can become even when you are barely in it… I spent most of yesterday picking up from the weekend. But now I can post some on our time at CityFest*.

(This recap is mainly so I don’t forget the experience — so please excuse the poor writing quality. And the overuse of the words “amazing” and “really” and “totally”…)

First of all — it was amazing! If you ever get to go to a Luis Palau festival: DO IT!

We had gorgeous weather, cool breezes and such an easy time getting in and out of the festival. Walking over the pedestrian bridge, I got a view of part of the festival on the riverfront (where the extreme sports were being held) and immediately teared up. Just seeing all of those people in one place to hear about the Lord – I always get choked up on that!

Saturday, just the kids and I went downtown. We walked around to get acclimated and decide what to start with.

The Kid’s Zone had lots and lots of bouncy things for the kids to get rid of some energy so that they’d rest while I listened to the performers. They were able to paint on a mural that was hung on the wall – I love all of the “Jesus Rocks” “Jesus Lives” comments painted all over it.

My kids looked like the best of friends while waiting in line for their turn… (actually, they are – but it still cracks me up to see them like this and then know they can turn around and start tattling and picking and annoying the tar out of each other…)

They really wanted to see Bob and Larry, but we missed them… Sunday they were able to snuggle Larry Boy. They got such a giggle out of the fact that he had arms and legs.

The music was amazing. We stayed for the first two performers: El Trio de Hoy and Ty Tribbett. OH MAN! I don’t know what either one sounds like on their albums – but live — they were completely dance-inducing! The singing! and the dancing! and the praising!! Their testimonies… (I came home trying to describe it to Sean and sounded as blubbering as I do now – it is just so hard to find the words for such an experience…)

One of the most God-glorifying aspects of the day was seeing people of all skin colors lifting their arms in praise towards Heaven. And it was like the breeze blowing, was actually the Spirit of the Lord moving around the crowd.

I really wanted to stay and hear TobyMac — but he was the last performer of the night and the kids were filthy and needed a good nights rest before church. We were all sticky from frosted lemonades and juice and numerous other sugar-filled, sugar-coated, sugar-y things…

Sunday, all of us headed downtown and headed to the Kid’s Zone first. The kids got their faces painted and were able to play around a bit before we headed to the main stage for the concerts. BarlowGirl and Jeremy Camp were in the first set.

BarlowGirl sounded nothing like I expected. I had never listened to them, because I thought they were like the pop-styled bands of the late 90’s. SO WRONG! Their sound is really rockin’ and I really like their lyrics – they really focus on purity and not dating and the Lord’s will.  (that was a lot of “really’s”) Totally something I want Abbie listening to and absorbing. (Perfect example – read the lyrics for Average Girl here.)

Luis Palau spoke in between the first two music sets. He didn’t hold back – didn’t sugar coat the Truth…

We went to Joe’s Crab Shack for dinner before heading back to listen to Israel and the New Breed. This picture is from their performance. The lights and sound! At one point they asked us to close our eyes while they were singing. I told Sean later that it felt like a glimpse of my arrival to Heaven – the lights were blinking through my closed eyes and their singing was growing from soft to high intensity. Again – the dancing! and the singing! and the praising!!

I know I overuse the word – but it was all just amazing. And refreshing – like when you are thirsty and finally get that large ice cold glass of clean water to drink…

For a well written recap and photos of the weekend, that doesn’t contain a ton of repetitive rambling, you can read about it here*. (be sure to scroll down to read “Festival Report”) – **they are estimating 90,000 people attended!

*link no longer works

Gainfully UNemployed

Tonight (Friday) was my last night at work! Hallelujah! My work shoes are in the trash… I’ll wash my uniform for the last time… and enjoy my family without having to race off to another job.

I am thrilled, as are the kids and Sean.

Of course, this means the end of my indulgence in 50% off guacamole and other yummy Mexican food (a major plus when pregnancy cravings strike…)

But I will be gaining so much more.

As an aside, please pray for Nashville this weekend. CityFest is Saturday and Sunday night. Read my post here for more info and links to the official site. We are supposed to have beautiful weather. Pray for the souls of those attending.

Have an awesome weekend!

The learning curve has changed

I am not one comfortable with going around talking about how smart my child is — I spent 12 years of school having to listen to one of my good friend’s mother brag on and on about how intelligent and gifted and lovely her daughter was – usually in the same breath as a comparison/rag on me.

Therefore, I learned early on that rarely do any good feelings with a bragging attitude.


Tuesday, my daughter came home and gave me a dissertation on the planets and the solar system. It was nothing that I hadn’t learned somewhere in my own schooling. But she was cute as a button going on about what she had learned. She showed me pictures she had drawn and a story she had written during her creative writing about the planets.


Yesterday, she came home and talked about the solar system some more and said she wanted to write some things down about it. We don’t have a book on the solar system so I did the next best thing: we got online and researched it. We discussed things we found online and then I printed some things out for her and told her I’d be in in a bit to go over it with her.

I was in the middle of something that took me a bit longer than expected. Apparently she was unfazed…

She walked out shortly and stated:

“The asteroid belt goes around the sun, too. It’s between Mars and Jupiter.”


She’s gotten to where she can read any and everything on her own. But not only that, she can comprehend it and recall it.

Like I said – the learning curve in our home has definitely changed…