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Baby update

so… I FINALLY went to the OBs office yesterday. Between being so stinkin’ ill since, well, forever, and issues we had with changes in our health insurance, it took that long just to get there.

I was beginning to wonder if I wasn’t going to have to go find a rice paddy one day, 6 months from now. Fortunately, I won’t.

I will have an ultrasound on the 9th, so at least then I will have some sort of idea how far I actually am. I’m guessing 12 weeks now. All of my morning sickness is gone. With the others that disappeared right as the first trimester was ending.

I was able to find out what I can take now for all of this crud… I took some generic claritin this afternoon – and I felt the heavens open up and sing when I was actually able to breathe through my nose and not feel all drippy.

Headed to the Frist. And Avoiding Maternity Shops with Little Boys

Yesterday, Abbie came home with a note from school advising us that she has some art work that will be on display at the Frist Center in downtown Nashville. We are invited to an Opening Reception Thursday night.

This is such a sweet honor for my girl. She loves to draw – always has. It’s funny, she doesn’t understand the honor that it is. But she is only one of a small group from her school to be selected.

Finally, yesterday I was at the mall with Quinn and Seamus. I went into the maternity store (I am in some DIRE need of maternity clothes… *sigh* I don’t think there is any way I’ll be pregnant AND stylish though…) Quinn (my 4 yr old) was already irritated about being in “the girl store” – he didn’t like how his shoes sounded on the floor… he didn’t like how the ladies voices sounded coming from the dressing room… blah blah blah. We were headed out and he was dawdling behind when I heard a familiar voice loudly proclaiming “eewwwwww – I saw her BUTT! Her butt crack! I saw it!” I realized that, fortunately, he was only talking about a mannequin and not one of those ladies whose voice was annoying him earlier… so I kept on moving out of the store like I didn’t know whose crazy kid he was ;-)

PS – is anyone watching the Discovery Channel mini-series: Planet Earth? (it is also showing on the Science Channel) Man! Is God an AWESOME Creator or what??!!!?

I’d prefer to call myself ‘kinetically-challenged’

I thought this was pretty dead-on – especially the part about being either exhausted or lazy…
(when you click on the words it describes them more)

It could have been worse

This past week, while my daughter was off from school, I spent the entire week feeling lousy. Head throbbing and pounding, coughing and hacking. Not a glamorous illness, to be sure. (And poor thing, she was sick too…)

So, when I drove her to school this morning and watched her walk off, not only did my head hurt, but my heart hurt too. I felt like my extra time with her this week had been totally thwarted. The week went by without much of anything going on. I felt too lousy to read a bunch of stories from morning to night, to do crafts everyday or go for walks together… stuff I had been looking forward to doing with her for weeks. (although we did make it to the library one day and to visit daddy at work on Friday)

The thing with her is, she is content to just sit and draw and read and watch some TV on her own. She’s social, but she is also quite happy hanging out by herself.

So, I am sure that in her mind, this past week was a wonderful week of relaxing and hanging out

But, truth be told… I miss my girl.

For every moment of her life, up until the time she started kindergarten this year, she was with me. Now, between school and me working some evenings, my time with her is so severely hacked at that I feel this spot in my heart longing for her.

I was talking with Sean the other night about this and how I want some uninterrupted time with her. Especially before the new baby is born.

I can think of a million and one things to do with her. But I think ultimately, what she and I both want is just time to BE together – giggling, holding hands and reconnecting. Without the rush or interruption of anything else.

I guess our week off together could have been worse. We at least had time to lay in bed together snuggling – coughing, snotty noses and all.

I’ll consider it a good day if the house is still standing

I woke up this morning with one of those “did-a-truck-run-over my head” feelings. I’m still coughing and congested and it’s just plain awful. I’ve found myself wondering how many times a person can cough before internal organs start flying out. Apparently, it takes quite a lot, because mine have not made an appearance yet and I’m sure I’m in competition for some coughing world record…

Anyway, I made a brief, miserable, appearance this morning. And it gave me a clue as to what I would find later when I re-emerged from my room. DISASTER house! Hubby was working on bills and things that had to get done on his day off, so during that time the kids thought they were at a carnival or something – minus the balloons and rides, but you get what I’m sayin’.

This afternoon, after a LONG nap that seems to have allowed time for some things to clear out of my sinus passages, Sean took the older 2 kids with him to get haircuts. I am sitting in the middle of a mess that is indescribable. Words just won’t do it justice. It’s like a scene out of some B-rated sci-fi movie, after some awful thing has moved through the land and left it completely and utterly destroyed before deserting it.

I am slowly making my way through it (trust me – they’ll be making their way through A LOT themselves!) But it’s amazing what you are willing to overlook when you feel lousy.

Happy weekend!