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Hi everyone — a quick post to let you know that we are moving today (sunday) — Same apartment complex, different apartment (this just transpired friday…)

we will not be reconnected to the internet until Wednesday. We will do our study on Thursday.

Sorry for the short notice.



right now i am tired. i am behind in my readings and commenting (please bear with me and know that i am so thankful for all of the sweet words and prayers lifted up for us.)

But i wanted to share this. i’m sure you’ve heard the song, but to see it with images of His wonderous creation makes me speechless. I stand in awe and amazement of His love.

He is Indescribable.

Courage, and some big news

The Lord’s timing always amazes me. And lots of times His timing shows me His sense of humor.

Those of you participating in the bible study, please accept my apologies for not writing my post on Monday’s chapter. I was experiencing my own hands-on lesson in courage.

There are a couple of fears that I struggle with. Some would seem silly — like the fact that my panic attacks are usually triggered by a fear of throwing up (lovely, I know…) I’ve always been a bit, um, dramatic, when I am sick to my stomach. One of my proudest moments as an independent college student was when I was sick and vomiting while away from home and actually survived!

Pitiful? yes…

My other fear tends to be not having enough money to get by. While I’ve learned a lot about God’s provision and grown in this area, I still find myself worried off and on.

What does this have to do with the Lord’s timing? And what does that have to do with courage?

Well, I’m pregnant. With child #4…

My heart races just writing that. Four seems so…. HUGE!!!

We are thrilled, we are excited, we are blessed.

But one of my initial reactions was fear. Fear that now we’d never get out of debt. Fear that we’d be stuck in an apartment with 4 kids, for the rest of their days at home. Fear that I’d have to wait tables for good, just to afford diapers.

But then I stopped and thought about this blessing the Lord has given to us. This child, that we offered up to Him from the time we were first married. He has chosen us to parent this child. He knows us. He knows our hearts. He knows what we need in order to properly raise this child. He knows all of that. And He still chose us.

It doesn’t make sense to me. From the world’s view, we are crazy; we are over-populating the earth. And we are one more family who doesn’t have a trillion dollars set aside to raise their child.

But God’s way doesn’t always make sense. That is where faith comes in to play.

Because I have faith that the Lord will provide for us and for this child. I have faith that He chose us for a reason. I have faith that He timed this for what is a seemingly CRAZY time to be expecting again, for a reason.

The passage from this first week of study, is a wonderful reminder of the Lord’s promises to us. And it also reminds me of the fact that as long as I am on this earth, in this body, I am not guaranteed an easy ride or things that make sense.

But I DO know that as long as I keep my eyes on Jesus, that I can be confident and not fearful! Courage is not something we are born with. In fact, having courage doesn’t mean we won’t feel any fear. Courage is faithfully moving forward IN SPITE of the fear or worry. And my trust in the Lord will allow me to do just that.

Those of you who were participating, please please please, let me know you are here! I want to know your thoughts on Courage and see how the Lord strengthens you in times of fear. Let’s stay on track with this study. We have a lot to learn…

Blessings, ~K

Character: Week 1


I am so excited about this time for us to study the Lord’s word together and to develop our character to glorify the Lord.

Here is how we will work through this together:

I will be posting the study on mondays. You may either read your own book and prepare ahead or read the post online. Then, on your blog, or in the comments, write about the topic from that week: what the Lord is showing you, what you’ve learned about yourself from that week’s study etc.

I’ve tried to create a table that I can link to each of the participants. I’ve been unsuccessful at working the HTML code to look good… So, if you want me to link to your answer on your blog, tell me in the comments, and I will just do a listing of links on each post.

When you stop by and read someone else’s comments on the post, please be sure to leave a comment of encouragement. One of the goals of this study is to help each other along and fellowship with one another.

Also, I have linked to the scripture, if you do not have access to a bible. Just click on the scripture.

Begin each study in prayer. Ask the Lord to open your eyes and your heart to the message He is speaking.

So, let’s begin.

2 Corinthians 5:1-10

“Whenever I hear of someone showing courage instead of cowardice, I find myself saying , ‘That’s what I want to be like.’ I wish I had more courage. I do not want to be debilitated by fear or paralyzed by anxiety. I do not want to cave in under difficult circumstances and compromise my convictions or give up on difficult challenges. I do not want to be a coward; I want to be courageous. This is a biblical wish, for in 2 Timothy 1:7 Paul says, ‘God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power.’
But how do you become courageous? Do you make a wish? Say a prayer? Wave a wand?
You grow in courage when you face your crippling fears. Sometimes we think courageous people are born without fear. In actuality, courageous people are ordinary people like you and me who began at some point to face their fears rather than run from them.

Think of a time when you acted courageously. At the time, did you feel courageous?
In what situations do you find that you lack courage?
-in my marriage or family
-at work
-in prayer
-in my witness for Christ
-around certain people
What are you most afraid of?

Read 2 Corinthians 5:1-10

1. What images and comparisons does this passage use to express the uncertainties of our earthly lives?
2. Why does the life described require courage?
3. On what certainties is our courage founded? (vv. 1, 5-7)
4. Verse 4 says that we “mortal” human beings, subject to death because of sin, will one day be “swallowed up by life” – taken fully into God’s undying eternal life. When you feel weak and inadequte, how are you reassured by the promise of sharing in God’s eternal life?
5. What encouragement do you find in this passage to face your uncertainties and fears?
6. How is the certainty of the future expressed in this passage both a comfort and a warning to us in the present?

-What are some specific fears which you have been running from rather than facing?
-Identify one action you need to take in order to face one of your fears, and decide when and how you will take that first step.

Talk to God openly about your fears, knowing that He cares. Ask to be made a person of courage.

I will return later today to write my thoughts on this. Right now, I am just making sure it is posted for those stopping by to get started.




Join Me!

“We all do our best when others are watching.
But what about when no one is looking?
That’s where character comes in, giving us consistency when it’s just between God and us.

Courage. Discipline. Vision. Endurance. Compassion. Self-Sacrifice.
The qualities covered in this Bible study provide a foundation for character.
With this foundation and God’s guidance, we can maintain character even when we face temptations and troubles.”

If you care to join me, get your book (available here) before January 22nd, or check my blog the night before for the scripture to read. I will post the questions the next morning (the day of the discussion) and you can link to your answers on your blog, or put them in comments.

I will have a Mr. Linky for this, so we can interact with those involved in the study. In the meantime, leave a comment if you are interested or have questions. And spread the word!

I look forward to the growth the Lord has in store for us!

Blessings, K