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What a difference a week makes! It is beautiful here ~ warm and sunny. Lovin’ it!

I took two online IQ tests today. Depending on which one you believe I am either above average intelligence or a genius. (Guess which one I choose to believe??) But it got me thinking — which test do our kids get when they are tested? There was such a difference between the two. I know I’m not the first to wonder this, and certainly won’t be the last, but truly, am I a genius or not, and if I took the same tests tomorrow would I have yet another result? Would I be deemed brain-dead?

What happened to the warm weather?

At least we don’t have five gazillion feet of snow, but I do wish it would warm up. It would be one thing if we hadn’t had really nice warm weather for a couple of weeks. It’s been down-right chilly…

I just tried taking a picture of Quinn taking his nap, but I can’t get enough light unless I want to wake him up… he is sleeping with his Spiderman baseball cap on. He loves that hat and has decided it helps him sleep better. He slept in it last night too. It’s so cute and I HAVE to get a picture of it.

I just read on the online version of the Park Falls (WI) Herald (where we used to live) that the paper mill is closing down. It has closed before and been bought by other companies, but I have friends whose family depends on that mill. Prayers for all of those families.

Welcome Spring!

Spring is here in TN – we have flowers in bloom and buds on all of the trees. Right now we have rain puddles right off our patio and the birds are splashing around in them. We have some trees that must attract cardinals. I have never seen so many cardinals and at one time ~ at times I have counted up to five male cardinals!

I found another fun link —¬†
The person that my drawing got swapped with probably felt pretty ripped off; I’ll have to get out my graphic tablet for my next attempt…

some fun links

I love looking all over the internet for interesting and funny things. Today, while I was looking up sites that sell things for you on ebay, I came across something that cracked me up. I sat at my computer reading this and my heart was actually racing, wondering how this story was going to turn out… Check this story out and then look around the site. This guy has come up with the funniest scenarios (and things that I’ve sometimes wondered about); ie he wanted to know what signatures he could get away with when signing his credit card receipts before a clerk would question it (and also
This one has some merit – I have often wondered about this myself while going through toll booths.

Some of the “pranks” are intended for “mature” (heh) adults, but I have to admit, that even those are funny…

In Memory Of…

¬†Mandy, our sweet kitty, died last evening. Sean and I were with her ~ it is one of those things that you hate to watch but that you know you shouldn’t miss. After all, she loved being with her family and brought us lots of joy and kitty snuggles. She was an awesome cat and we will miss her. It was hard to see her deteriorate, but that is not how we will remember her. It will be like this.